WildCats For Weddings

Let’s go on a fantastic and full of love drive with one of the green Jaguar from House of WildCats. The green colour is for harmony, balance and material well-being, this colour lets you to recognise the all-embracing love.

Green Jaaaags are from 1978 and 1991, both are with light tan leather interiors that are supplemented with wood fittings. Both are very comfy, one of them is with long wheel base. Both wedding cars are equipped with air conditioning systems.

Wedding cars always will be accompanied by a suitably dressed, experienced and positive-minded chauffeur!

Not only do we drive all over Latvia, but if necessary, we will go anywhere in Europe where your heart desires !!!

P.S. We also have the classic black 2004 Jaguar with beige leather and wood trim that can be used by Your witnesses or parents of the new couple!

For reservations or if any questions arise, please message us:

SIA WildCats, Vidrižu 1c-29, Riga, tel.: +371 26629922

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